Well, yes, it’s called Jesus Christ Superstar but, as most of you know, we were waiting for our “Superstar”.

Well, we found him!

Tonight, after a great audition, Matthew Landells completes our superb cast as Jesus of Nazareth.

All the panel were impressed and he stayed and blocked his first scene with the Company, aptly “Hosanna!”

Here is a link to the full Cast List.

Stay tuned for further exciting develpments from Jesus Christ Superstar.

So SWEET CHARITY is over. 🙁

Six months of immense fun with the mighty Molesey Musical Theatre company.

And we had some stunning reviews, such as:

I’ve just seen Molesey Musical Theatre’s ‘Sweet Charity’ tonight. It was directed by James Fortune and I have to say, it was ‘far out man!’

Everything about it was amazing, the choreography was great, stage crew were smooth on their cues, the music was brilliant!, the sound effects were so real and had great comic timing. The lighting effects were very psychedelic! But most importantly every single one of the cast were outstanding!

Congratulations on a fantastic night out!

Wonderful! Very well done everybody!


The show I’ve done with the Molesey Musical Theatre (MMT) will be performed next week!

Sweet Charity will be at

The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse


Wednesday 19th to Saturday 22nd June

Please visit www.moleseymusicaltheatre.com and follow the links to the online box office.

See you there, cats and kittens! Let it all hang out! Far out! Groovie, baby!

Well, what a great launch that was for Jesus Christ Superstar.

A packed house full of very interested people. It was a very positive vibe.

I have put the two videos on the Launch Night page here and will be adding stuff that we didn’t get time to cover due to the technical hitch, such as a medley of the show’s tunes and some notes of mine.

Well done all! A wonderfully positive start. 🙂

I have been asked by the wonderful Epsom Light Opera Company to direct Jesus Christ Superstar for them!

We start rehearsals in May for a Show Week in October at the Epsom Playhouse.

It’s a magnificent show and, together, we will do it magnificently.

How exciting!


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