Pure Showmanship

Whoever choreographed this is a genius! Awesome! Writer not bad either!

Beyonce has a lovely, uplifting song. And her performance of this at Glastonbury 2011 was brilliant – never losing a line while traversing the front of the vast crowd. Now THAT’s Showmanship!

This is how to whip a vast audience into a complete frenzy! Look at the astonished dancers – they are delighted but they can hardly believe the ecstatic response unfolding before them. Brilliant showmanship!

Here is Shakira doing the same thing – whipping the audience into a frenzy. And look at the audience, both sexes enjoying it equally – the men want to have her, the women want to be her (and possibly a few vice versa!)! This is not sexist, it’s is a brilliant, exciting showmanship! Enjoy!


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