Orange Juice



I LOVE oranges. To me, one of the most delicious foods in the world. I have one large, navel orange every night. Navel oranges are definitely the best in terms of flavour and sweetness.

BTW, the BEST, sweetest oranges are the large, separate navel oranges sold by the Co-Op. In my opinion, no other supermarket has such reliable fruit.



orange varieties navel orange 1




I have tried many orange juices over the years and, again and again, I have been disappointed.

Although freshly squeezed orange juice would appear to be the best, I have found it to be too sharp on my palette (unless you are making it yourself from the oranges discussed above).

The BEST orange juice, in my humble opinion, is made by Tropicana. It is full of flavour and quite delicious.

I love bits in my juice, so, for me, the Tropicana Extra Juicy Bits is the best orange juice on the planet.




A quick point about sugar intake. There’s a lot of nonsense spoken about sugar.

There is nothing wrong with sugar in moderation. Sugar is natural, organic and will NOT give you diabetes. Sugar is much better for you than artificial sweeteners which are very bad for you and can even give you cancer.

Everything in moderation.

In the morning, I have three heaped teaspoons of brown sugar spread over my two cups of coffee. I have Tropicana orange juice. That is my main sugar intake in the day. I don’t drink any other hot drinks in the day. I have spoken to a dietician who says this is fine.

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