Salade Nicoise


OK, my food photography is not very professional 🙂

  1. Line a generous bowl with some fresh rocket.
  2. If you want some extra ‘crunch’, add some leaves of a Little Gem lettuce heart.
  3. Place in some halved waxy little new potatoes.
  4. Place in some plum tomatoes.
  5. Some chopped red onion.
  6. Some sliced cucumber.
  7. Some chopped all colour peppers.
  8. Some chopped mini corn.
  9. Some chopped chives.
  10. The flesh of half a fresh avocado.
  11. The contents of a tin of tuna. (I used No-Drain in olive oil)
  12. Add a few hard-boiled quails eggs (or chicken eggs cut into quarters).
  13. Sprinkle on some fat, Greek black olives to taste.
  14. Finally, place some whole, white anchovies – the ones the Spanish call boquerones. (These are totally different to the very salty, brown anchovies we usually get in a can.)
  15. Sprinkle with fresh basil leaves.

I then sprinkle with a nice, non-creamy salad dressing. I love Mellow Yellow personally but some simply use olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar.

This is a sumptuous meal – filling and utterly delicious. Please try it. You, and whoever you serve it to, will be delighted. 🙂



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