Skinny Fajitas



I made a delicious, although hot, plate of fajitas a few days ago.

Well, it tastes like fajitas but I don’t eat the tortillas. 🙂

Very simple and very delicious.

Get 500g of fresh chicken breasts – I don’t cook with wings or legs, far too fiddly to eat.

Put some chopped onion and garlic into a wok and fry in olive oil. The amount of either is to your own taste. I LOVE onion, not so keen on garlic.

Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces and throw in wok.

Chopped a decent sized tomato and throw in the wok.

Cut the three different coloured peppers (you can get a pack of the three) and throw into wok (the amount to your taste),

Add a packet of Old El Paso Smoky BBQ or Smokey Fajita Spice Mix and stir in well. [I don’t buy the whole Dinner Kit box because I don’t actually eat the Tortillas. :-)]

Fry for another five minutes in a very hot wok.

Serve immediately while still sizzling with a small helping of tomato salsa and guacamole (containing avocado – a super-food). It’s traditional to add sour cream as well but I don’t.

Heaven but h-h-hot! 🙂

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