A Delicious Breakfast

Being English, I will never give up having a proper English Breakfast …

“For eggs and bacon, buttered toast, thank Father, Son and Holy Ghost!”


But on a day-to-day basis, something a bit more healthy is required.

Try this …


In a big bowl, place:


1. One Shredded Wheat
2. A good handful of fresh mixed fruit and berries (you can get these already prepared from all supermarkets)
3. A good dollop of Greek yoghurt*


You need a serviette to eat it nicely as it’s very sticky or eat it on your own where no-one cares what you look like.

Notice I’m using yoghurt instead of milk – hence it being sticky. If you really need milk, use red milk as its lack of flavour is irrelevant here as you don’t taste it anyway.

* Try to get a Greek yoghurt that is actually made in Greece. Surveys seem to show that “Greek Yoghurt” not made in Greece is not as good. See my page on this.


A lovely breakfast with a black coffee and orange juice with bits. 😉

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