The following have been recommended as the best balsamic vinegars currently in the UK.

I can’t wait to try them. STAY TUNED!


Taste the Difference Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: £6, sainsburys.co.uk

Sainsburys BV

We liked this one drizzled over meat and fish, and it’s great for giving gravies and sauces a bit of oomph, too. It’s treacle-like and luxurious, with deep, complex flavours, and fantastically aromatic. In a blind test, we expected it to be twice the price.

Solesta: 99p, aldi.co.uk

Aldi BV

This richly coloured vinegar won gold at the Grocer Own Label awards earlier this summer, yet it costs less than a quid. It smells gorgeous and has a tangy, fruity flavour. The consistency is thin, which makes it better for bread dipping than for salad dressings.




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