Well, the Epsom Light Opera Company’s magnificent and opulent production of Mame has closed. We pulled it off. And how. 😜

Successful and entertaining shows don’t just happen by default. The default is that they will be a ghastly waste of time. To be outstanding, EVERYONE has to give 100% of their time, talent, energy and devotion. The members of the Company, stage staff, lighting, props, orchestra – everyone – did this and the show WAS outstanding.

Comments made to me included superlatives like “superb”, “sublime entertainment” and “the most entertaining show I’ve seen this year”. I agree with these accolades and know that everyone thoroughly deserved them.

Every one brought something wonderful and unique to the show and, therefore, I am not going to single anyone out. So, well done all.

It remains in our collective memory. One day, we may do something similar again. It’s in our blood.

I salute you all as consummate artists!

All my love, James xxxx


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