Rehearsal Schedule

Version 9

Please return here regularly for the LATEST VERSION of the Rehearsal Schedule.

All evening rehearsals start at 8pm SHARP.
All Sunday rehearsals start at 4pm SHARP.
Please don’t be late. It is disrespectful to everyone else. Thank you.


Sun 13 Oct10am Get In
There will be a full Crucifixion rehearsal at some point in the afternoon.
Jesus and soldiers
The Epsom Playhouse
Sun 13 Oct2pm SitzprobeCompanyThe Myers Suite
The Epsom Playhouse
Sun 13 Oct6pm Technical RehearsalCompanyThe Epsom Playhouse
Mon 14 Oct7:30pm Dress RehearsalCompanyThe Epsom Playhouse
Tue 15 Oct7:30pm Opening Night CompanyThe Epsom Playhouse
Wed 16 Oct7:30pm President's NightCompanyThe Epsom Playhouse
Thu 17 Oct7:30pm 'Slow' NightCompany
TONS of energy for tonight please 🙂
The Epsom Playhouse
Fri 18 Oct7:30pm Lovie' NightCompanyThe Epsom Playhouse
Sat 19 Oct2:30pm MatineeCompanyThe Epsom Playhouse
Sat 19 Oct7:30pm Last NightCompanyThe Epsom Playhouse


Ensemble means just the Chorus
Company means EVERYBODY in the show


What is the Sitzprobe?


A West End show rehearses for around 6 weeks.
If we add all our rehearsal time up, we have around 2 weeks!!!

Therefore, there’s just enough time to rehearse each scene ONCE.
YOU are responsible for noting down everything in your ibrettos during rehearsals
so nothing is forgotten.


If I have made a mistake, please get in touch ASAP to

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