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Tobias, or Toby, is Pirelli’s long-time servant, a boy that is loyal to his employer despite having been beaten and brutalized by him for years. Toby seems to find in Mrs. Lovett the maternal affection he’s never had in his life, and he is deeply devoted to her, never suspecting that she is willing to murder him if he gets too close to the terrible truth about what goes into the meat pies he hawks each day.

Toby’s age varies from production to production. Sometimes cast as a child (most notably in Tim Burton’s 2007 film version), Tobias Ragg is more often cast as a slow-witted adult or simpleton. Of the three “good” characters in the show (Anthony, Johanna and Toby), Toby is the one who is most drastically unhinged by his circumstances, and most indelibly changed by the horrors he witnesses.

Tobias Ragg

Tobias Ragg
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