Graham Kirby-Smith


Inspired by the Italian comic opera, Adolfo Pirelli cuts a ridiculous figure: twirling his cape (and perhaps his mustache) to anyone who will watch him. He’s a charlatan whose lies are tremendous and frequent. In fact, his entire identity is a lie: “Pirelli” turns out to be Danny O’Higgins, a down-and-out Irishman who apparently recognizes Sweeney from the moment he sees his razors. His character flaws are not limited to deception, and Pirelli treats his assistant, Toby, with astonishing brutality, hitting him in the face (and attempting to pull out his tooth). In addition to facility with Irish and mock-Italian accents, Pirelli requires a very strong tenor voice with a well developed falsetto and a hearty dose of comic flair.

Adolpho Pirelli

Adolpho Pirelli
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