Musical Numbers

Act I

  1. “The Old Red Hills of Home: Part 1”
    Young Confederate Soldier
  2. “The Old Red Hills of Home: Part 2”
    Old Confederate Soldier and Townspeople
  3. “The Dream of Atlanta”
  4. “How Can I Call This Home?”
    Leo Frank and Townspeople
  5. “The Picture Show”
    Mary Phagan and Frankie Epps
  6. “Leo At Work” / “What Am I Waiting For?”
    Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
  7. “Interrogation: I Am Trying to Remember…”
    Newt Lee, Leo Frank, Detective Starnes and Officer Ivey
  8. “Funeral: There is a Fountain” / “It Don’t Make Sense”
    Frankie Epps, Britt Craig, Iola Stover, Essie, Monteen, Mrs Phagan and Townspeople
  9. “Watson’s Lullaby – Parts 1 & 2”
    Tom Watson
  10. “Somethin’ Ain’t Right”
    Hugh Dorsey, Detective Starnes and Officer Ivey
  11. “Real Big News”
    Britt Craig and Townspeople
  12. “You Don’t Know This Man”
    Lucille Frank
  13. “Trial Part I: Hammer of Justice”
    Tom Watson and Townspeople
  14. “Trial Part II: Dorsey’s Statement: Twenty Miles From Marietta”
    Hugh Dorsey
  15. “Trial Part III: Frankie’s Testimony”
    Frankie Epps and Mary Phagan
  16. “Trial Part IV: Factory Girls/Come Up to My Office”
    Iola Stover, Essie, Monteen and Leo Frank
  17. “Trial Part V: “Minola ‘Minnie’ Knight’s Testimony”
    Minola “Minnie” Knight
  18. “Trial Part VI: My Child Will Forgive Me”
    Mrs. Phagan
  19. “Trial Part VII: That’s What He Said”
    Jim Conley and Townspeople
  20. “Trial Part VIII: Leo’s Statement: It’s Hard to Speak My Heart”
    Leo Frank
  21. “Trial Part IX: Summation and Cakewalk”
    Hugh Dorsey, Judge Roan, Jury Foreman, Jurors and Townspeople

Act II

  1. “Rumblin’ and a Rollin'”
    Riley and Angela
  2. “Do it Alone”
    Lucille Frank
  3. “Pretty Music”
    Governor John Slaton
  4. “The Glory”
    Judge Roan and Hugh Dorsey
  5. “This is Not Over Yet”
    Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
  6. “The Factory Girls” (Reprise)
    Governor John Slaton, Lucille Frank, Iola Stover, Essie and Monteen
  7. “Minola ‘Minnie’ McKnight” (Reprise)
    Minola “Minnie” McKnight
  8. “Blues: Feel the Rain Fall”
    Jim Conley and Chain Gang
  9. “Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?”
    Tom Watson, Hugh Dorsey and Townspeople
  10. “All the Wasted Time”
    Leo Frank and Lucille Frank
  11. “Sh’ma”
    Leo Frank
  12. “Finale/The Old Red Hills of Home – Reprise”
    Tom Watson and Townspeople
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