Jennifer Bye

A conscientious African-American domestic servant to Mr and Mrs Frank. Among others, Minnie is forced to give false evidence against Leo Frank.

I am adding her to “Rumblin’ and a Rollin”, so she has three main scenes and three songs but is in the background during other scenes.


“Trial Part V: Minnie’s Testimony”
“Minola “Minnie” McKnight” (Reprise)

“Rumblin’ and a Rollin'” – with Angela, Riley, Jim Conley and Newt Lee


After being an apparently happy innocent maid to the Franks, the Atlanta Police honed in on Minola, arrested her and got some earth shattering insights about what was said in the privacy of the Selig household on Saturday, April 26, 1913, and afterwards. It would prove to be another major blow for the Leo Frank defense and bring shame upon the Selig family and Jewish community.





The allegations by Minola amounted to the claim that essentially the whole Selig family knew approximately “what really had happened” after-the-fact in a roundabout sort of way on that infamous Saturday, April 26, 1913, and they talked about it freely and seriously amongst themselves and around the dinner table while feasting on Minola’s superb down-home Southern negro cooking.





But were these allegations true? Or just another one of Hugh Dorsey’s inventions?


End of Albert McKnight's Affidfavit

End of Albert McKnight’s Affidfavit


I can tell Mr. Frank has done something as they act strange. Mrs. Frank tells Magnolia [ = Minola] every day not to forget what to say if they come for her to go to court again. Mrs. Frank had a quarrel with Mr. Frank on the morning of the murder. She asked Mr. Frank to kiss her but then he said he was saving his kisses for ____ and would not kiss her. Magnolia said she heard Mrs. Frank say she would never live with him again, for she knew he had killed that girl, and they had the right man and ought to break his neck.

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