Judge Roan

Keith Robertshaw

Judge presiding over the Leo Frank trial. Motivated by bigotry and racism, he is dangerously committed to the surviving ideals of the Confederacy. A booming voice.


Please note: I have cut his song, “The Glory”.






L.S. Roan_1


Before the jury gave their verdict, Judge Roan said that Leo Frank’s innocence was a “mathematical certainty” and was staggered when he was proved wrong. He was visibly moved as he pronounced the death sentence on Frank “you will be hanged by the neck until you shall be dead, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Interestingly, just before Judge Roan died in New York City on March 23 1915 (three months before Leo Frank was lynched), he stated:

I gave that case more consideration than any other I ever sat on. Though I heard evidence and arguments for thirty days, I don’t know this morning whether Leo Frank is innocent or guilty. But I was not the one to be convinced. The jury was convinced and I must approve the verdict. Therefore, I overruled the motion for a new trial.

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