Hugh Dorsey

Damien de Roche

As Atlanta’s District Attorney, he is the charismatic prosecutor in the Leo Frank case. Hungry for political success and recognition, he is willing to use underhand methods to obtain a conviction.


“Somethin’ Ain’t Right” – with Detective Starnes and Officer Ivey
“Trial Part II: Dorsey’s Statement: Twenty Miles From Marietta”
“Trial Part IX: Summation, Verdict and Cakewalk” – with Judge Roan, Jury Foreman, Jurors and Townspeople
“The Glory” – with Judge Roan
“Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?” – with Tom Watson and Townspeople






Steve Oney calls Dorsey …

cool and mockingly predatory, adroit, brazen, poker-faced and full of native cunning.

The facts about this man are amazing.

Hugh Manson Dorsey (July 10, 1871 – June 11, 1948) was an American lawyer who was notable as the prosecuting attorney in the Leo Frank trial of 1913. He was also a politician and a member of the Democratic Party.

In 1920, Dorsey ran for the U. S. Senate, but was defeated by Tom Watson!

From 1935 to 1948 Hugh Dorsey was a judge of the Superior Court of Fulton County.

He was twice elected as the Governor of Georgia (1917–1921)! Yes, Dorsey replaced Slaton as Governor!!

He was the prosecuting attorney (serving as the solicitor-general of the Fulton County Superior Court) in the Leo Frank case and there is a lot of evidence that, due to his anti-Semitism, he fabricated evidence and coached witnesses to ensure a conviction. His victory in this case contributed to his being elected for two consecutive two-year terms as the Governor of Georgia from 1917 to 1921.

He retired to private life in 1921 though he later served as a judge of the Atlanta City Court as well as Fulton Country Superior Court. He died in 1949.

Tom Watson later said of Dorsey …
Hugh Dorsey was not fooled by the slippery Jew’s oily demeanour. He took one look at Leo Frank’s bulging satyr eyes and protruding sensual lips and nailed him for the pervert sodomite he is.
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