The entire battle of Gettysburg has been recreated as a feature film for the cinema to epic proportions.

Starring Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen, Stephen Lang and Richard Jordan, it was filmed in 1993 in and around the actual battle site.

There are no fictional sub-plots or silly romances. This is pure historical fact.

It is currently just £4.46 at Amazon:  Gettysburg (Double sided DVD) [1993]


(BTW, when I first created this website, it was on YouTube but it has been taken off now unfortunately) 🙂


Remember these awesome statistics:

American deaths in World War I = 116,516

American deaths in World War II = 405,399

American deaths in the Korean War = 43,891

American deaths in the Vietnam War = 58,167

American deaths in the Civil War = 624,511 (57,225 at Gettysburg alone)

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