Here is the WONDERFUL cast for the Epsom Light Opera production of


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Leo Frank: Russell Hawkins

Lucille Frank: Charlie Qureshi

Hugh Dorsey: Damien de Roche

Tom Watson: Anthony Trott

Britt Craig: Rick Qureshi

Frankie Epps: Peter Wheeler

Jim Conley: Daniel Haswell

Minola (“Minnie”) McKnight: Jennifer Bye

Mary Phagan: Olivia Wilson

Iola Stover: Becky Bond

Monteen: Courtney Harrington

Essie: Eloise Brown

Factory Girls: Rebecca Cenamor, Emily Evans, Nicola Howlett, Grace McNulty-Brown, Hannah Wade

Mrs. Phagan: Monica Wallis

Governor Slaton: Chris Evans

Old Soldier: Rick Thompsett

Old Lila: Linda Sutch

Young Soldier: Peter Hartley

Young Lila: Nicola Howlett

Luther Rosser: Crispian Shepley

Newt Lee: Eddie Hinds

Riley: Tyrone Heywood

Angela: Juliana Anderiesz

Judge Roan: Keith Robertshaw

Detective Starnes: Chris Haslett

Officer Ivey: Russell Thompson

Mrs Sally Slaton: Kathryn Fletcher

Mr Peavy: Crispian Shepley

Prison Guards: Daniel Crego-Bustelo and Chris Rumbold

Policemen: Daniel Crego-Bustelo and Chris Rumbold


THE ENSEMBLE will include: Soldiers, Townspeople, Lizzie Phagan, Mourners, Jurors, Reporters, Chain gang, High-rolling Party Goers and so on


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