Rehearsal Schedule

Version 10

Please return here regularly for the LATEST VERSION of the Rehearsal Schedule

Because the scenes are few and far between in the LSOH libretto, I have broken it down into individually numbered Action Units (AUs). Referring to sections of the libretto this way in the Rehearsal Schedule will be so much more efficient. I urge everyone to mark up their librettos with these Action Units as soon as possible.
See the Action Unit Breakdown for further details.

In this Schedule, “Girls” means the Doo-Wop Girls only.

All rehearsals start at 7:45pm SHARP.
Please don’t be late. It is disrespectful to everyone else. Thank you.

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Ensemble means just the Chorus
Company means EVERYBODY in the show

What is the Sitzprobe?

A West End show rehearses for around 6 weeks.
If we add all our rehearsal time up, we have around 2 weeks!!!

Therefore, there’s just enough time to rehearse each scene ONCE.
YOU are responsible for noting down everything in your scripts during rehearsals
so nothing is forgotten.

If we have made a mistake, please get in touch ASAP to

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