What the hell is a sitzprobe, you’re asking? Good question. Sitzprobe is a German term used in opera and musical theatre to describe a seated rehearsal—the literal translation of the word. A Sitzprobe is the first meeting of orchestra and cast. They sing and play through the show together for the very first time at this rehearsal, without any staging, costumes, props or other production elements. It is literally just the cast and the band, playing and singing together on a bare stage or rehearsal room. It’s fun, lively and often emotional. It’s the first time the cast hears the full orchestrations that will be supporting them in the show, and it’s the first time the band hears the vocals on top of their music. And it’s really the first moment where the full impact of a musical sparks to life.

And it’s a sitzprobe, not a band call. A band call can mean anything – a sitzprobe is a sitzprobe! 🙂

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