A. No Mobiles Please (The Naughty Sailors)

Act I

1. We Sail the Ocean Blue (Sailors)

2. For I’m Called Little Buttercup (Buttercup)

3. If You Give Me Your Attention (Dick Deadeye)

4. The Nightingale (Ralph Rackstraw and Sailors)

4a. A Maiden Fair to See (Ralph and Chorus of Sailors)

5. My Gallant Crew, Good Morning (Captain and Sailors)

6. Sorry Her Lot Who Loves Too Well (Josephine)

7. Over the Bright Blue Sea (Chorus of Female Relatives)

7a. Sir Joseph’s Barge is Seen (Chorus of Sailors and Female Relatives)

8. Now Give Three Cheers (Captain, Sir Joseph, Cousin Hebe and Chorus)

9. I am the Monach of the Sea (Sir Joseph, Cousin Hebe and Chorus)

9a. When I Was a Lad (Sir Joseph and Chorus)

10. For I Hold That on the Sea (Sir Joseph, Cousin Hebe and Chorus)

11. A British Tar (Ralph, Boatswain, Boatswain’s Mate and Sailors)

12. What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? (Sailors)

13. Refrain, Audacious Tar (Josephine and Ralph)

14. Finale, Act I

14a. Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen


Act II

15. Entr’acte

16. Fair Moon, To Thee I Sing (Captain)

17. Things are Seldom What They Seem (Buttercup and Captain)

18. My Eyes Are Fully Open (Sir Joseph, Cousin Hebe and Captain)

19. A Simple Sailor Lowly Born (Josephine)

20. Never Mind the Why and Wherefore (Josephine, Captain and Sir Joseph)

21. Kind Captain, I’ve Important Information (Captain and Dick Deadeye)

22. Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing (Captain, Dick Deadeye and Ensemble)

23. Pretty Daughter of Mine (Captain and Ensemble)

23a. He is an Englishman (Boatswain and Ensemble)

23b. In Uttering a Reprobation (Captain)

24. Farewell, My Own (Ralph, Josephine, Sir Joseph, Buttercup and Chorus)

25. A Many Years Ago (Buttercup and Chorus)

26. Oh Joy, Oh rapture Unforeseen (Reprise) (Ensemble)

26a. He is an Englishman (Reprise) (Ensemble)

27. Curtain Calls

28. Rule Britannia (Josephine, Buttercup, Cousin Hebe and Company) (Sheet Music)

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