JOSEPHINE (the Captain’s Daughter)

Honey Rouhani


Melodramatic and a little temperamental, Josephine is still a model of Victorian aristocratic refinement and breeding. As a captain’s daughter, she is still somewhat low on the ladder of aristocracy, but if she were to marry Sir Joseph as her father wishes, she would better her position. However, she eschews this match, as she is in love with Ralph Rackstraw. This displeases her father, as he considers a marriage to a sailor to be far beneath her social rank. Devoted to Ralph, Josephine makes plans with him to break the boundaries of her position as a young Victorian woman and elope. Josephine serves as the typical ingénue-type operetta leading lady, and requires a sweet singing voice and disposition to match. This role requires the actor to be brilliant at delivering comic lines and be capable of physical knockabout slapstick. This role also requires a good R.P. accent.



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