We had a complete standing ovation tonight. The ENTIRE audience on their feet during the Curtain Calls and then literally dancing in the aisles for the last number! Amazing!

Here are some more unsolicited comments

“My heart is bursting with pride from what I’ve just seen you amazing team !! Words fail me. Totally blown away. Amazing production from every angle…puppets, costumes, set, band, lights. .I could go in and on”

“Just Wow!!! I knew it would be good, but I didn’t think it would be that good!!! 😘 You were all incredible!! I was mesmerized throughout the performance. My face aches from smiling so much!! Incredible performances, set, sound, lighting! You absolutely nailed it!!! Wish I could see it again! Xxx”

“It’s a BRILLIANT show!”

“Extraordinary. Absolutely wonderful”.

“This deserves to go straight into the West End”

Nice. 😜😜

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