Greetings gentle reader or Hi there!

My name is James Fortune and I am a director, writer, magical entertainer and all round good egg! 🙂

I have lived a full and wonderful life and expect to live a lot longer yet!

This website is intended to give you an overview of my life and what I have done and am still doing.

I intend to update it regularly but I am very lazy so it might become a cobweb (geddit?!) but I hope it won’t!

Currently I live in leafy Tadworth in Surrey, near the Epsom racecourse where they hold the Derby every year.

I live with four cats (Sir Purralot, Peeweet, Kitaki and Susie) and Nibbles the bunny rabbit.

I know, such an old fart! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog site. After all, it’s for you! 🙂

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Please check in regularly – especially the Rehearsal Schedule – to keep up with any changes.

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