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From all the 24 members of the Epsom Male Voice Choir who came to the ELOC performance of “Calamity Jane” may I say what a wonderful evening it was. Another huge triumph, the performance would have graced any West End stage. Well done to everyone, please convey to all concerned, thank you so much.

We’ve had some extraordinary feedback to CALAMITY JANE.

James, well done, it was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!” Charlotte (Lottie) Thompson

“I have seen many West End shows recently but Calamity Jane at the Epsom Playhouse was SO much better.”

“What a performance! Brilliant! I really enjoyed the show. I thought Calamity was amazing – I loved her voice and I thought she portrayed the character perfectly. The dancing was great – fabulous Can-Can girls! The songs were sung so well – especially The Black Hills, Secret Love and The Deadwood Stage. The performers looked as though they were enjoying themselves so much. You all must be exhausted after each performance!” Beverley Mogridge

 “I went to a wonderful West End musical last night – except it wasn’t in the West End and it didn’t cost West End prices but in every other way it WAS a West End show. Calamity Jane at the Epsom Playhouse was the best amateur – yes, amateur – show I have ever seen, and I have seen many. It’s only on this week. Shame, it should run and run. Do whatever you need to do to see it. You’ll not see anything better!” Anthony Spear

“I’ve been a Doris Day fan all my life and I felt I saw Doris on stage tonight”

“Everything, and I mean everything, in the show was just right. I’ve not seen a better version and I have been in three.” Pam Hollingsworth

“The Black Hills of Dakota has never and will never be done better. It was simply beautiful.” Harry Hollingsworth

“The show Calamity Jane at Epsom Playhouse until Saturday is SUPERB. The most professional amateur production I have ever seen. I doubt there are many, if any, tickets left, but if there are get some! And NO, I am not in or associated with the show.” Bob Ferris  in Nextdoor Tadworth Preston

“Brilliant band” “Excellent chorus singing” “Fantastic dancers and choreography” “Beautiful lighting” “Extraordinary” “I’ve never seen a better show” “Wonderful” “Supreme” “Excellent”

CALAMITY JANE opened last night to standing ovations! Wow! And it can only get better!

Book now to avoid disappointment.

Box office: 01372 742555

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